That iconic coat
trench coat


It’s been called “a garment that never goes out of style”. It’s been called “the ultimate investment piece”. In my book, that qualifies the trench coat to be termed iconic!

Originally designed for military use, trench coats became enormously popular after World War I. And what’s not to like about it. It is functional. It is stylish. It flatters almost every body type. It can also be updated endlessly!

trench coat

Every now and then, fashion houses bring out avant-garde variations. However, certain features remain constant. So, what is it that makes a trench coat – a trench coat?

The fabrics

The most important function of a trench coat is to keep you dry in rainy weather. That is why the fabric must be waterproofed.

The original trench coats were made of wool gabardine, but these days this expensive fabric is reserved only for high-end or custom-made garments. Mass-produced trench coats are made of cotton gabardine which is lightweight and durable, although not as warm as wool. In the 1990s rubberized trench coats were reintroduced as a luxury fashion item and their characteristic sheen still has loyal followers. Trench coats can also be made from fabrics such as Aquascutum, Gore-Tex, eVent, as well as leather.

The colours

Camel and khaki are the colours traditionally associated with trench coats. Other popular colours include sand, stone, navy blue and black. Modern trench coats often come in bright colours and in patterned fabrics, which are especially popular among women.

The cut

The classic trench coat features wide lapels, epaulettes, the flap on the right hand side of the chest (or the left side for women), the cape-like shoulder shield, large pockets, belted waist, and the single back vent.

trench coat

Although many variations of the trench coat can be found on the market (including a sleeveless trench coat), many people give preference to the timeless silhouette of the traditional 5×2 DB cut. In translation, this means double breasted trench coat with ten buttons in two rows. However, if you have a particularly small frame, you may want to opt for a single breasted version with less buttons.

You should also choose the length of your trench coat based on your body type. Go for below the knee if you are tall, or just above the knee if you are shorter. Women can also opt for a trench coat that flares at the bottom.

Once you get your trench coat, wear it with your basic T-shirt and jeans or with your workday suit. It will make any outfit instantly stylish.

And don’t hesitate to spend a bit more on a good trench coat! It will not go out of style any time soon. Chances are, you will be wearing it for decades. Here is a brief overview of the trench coats currently available on bidorbuy:

trench coat

trench coats