Table setting the Christmas way


Christmas lunch can either be very stressful or easy-breezy. Let’s try for the latter this year. After reading this blog you will be fully equipped to set a table like a pro! So that’s one less thing you need to fret about.

Name tags

Let’s start here, just because it will give you a good indication of how many guests to expect and therefore how many plates, knives, etc. you will need. If Christmas is a drama-filled event in your family, name tags are extremely helpful. This means you have control over who sits where to keep the drama at bay. Here are some creative ideas to consider. 

No time? No worries

Use fruit with a hard skin such as grapefruit, oranges or lemons. Wash them first, then use a paint marker (either white or black, depending on your colour or theme) and write your guest’s name on the fruit itself. 

Your garden is a treasure trove

Simply tie two twigs together (the tongue twister was not intended) using rope or ribbon and place a cardboard piece in between the two twigs with your guest’s name. 

All you need are pine cones 

Find some pine cones in your garden or a nearby park. Spray paint them white and leave them to dry. Cut some cardboard (select the colour of your choice) into small rectangles, big enough to write each person’s name. Using Christmas themed stamps you can either decorate the cardboard or use the stamps to spell out each name. 

Table Decor

Small flower bouquets

Select two types of flowers, one more flat with mostly green leaves and the other with more volume and colour. Combine them into a small bouquet; be sure to cut the stems and bind them together using string or ribbon. Place this in the centre of the plate, placemat or charger plate. 

Floral table runner

Create a beautiful floral runner that’s really easy to make. Start by placing a piece of chicken wire in the centre of the table. Gather all the flowers you would like to use and start with the green leaves first (we suggest penny gum) to create your base. Use the chicken wire to secure the penny gum by tucking them around the wire. Now you can add your flowers until you are happy with the overall layout of runner. For an extra Christmas touch, add decorations like Christmas balls, stars or lights in between the flowers. 

Light the way

Candles can elevate the mood of a room in an instant. Use pillar candles in the middle of the table and mix different sizes to create depth. Alternatively, you can use clear glass holders. Place water in them and use floating candles to create soft light. Lastly, you can opt for dinner candles placed in beautiful candle holders, and you are set to go. 

How to set a formal table

Plates: The big plate sits in the middle and the side or bread plate in the top left hand corner. The butter knife sits on the bread plate with the handle turned to the right for easy access. 

Utensils: Your two forks sit on the left hand side, the smaller one on the outside and the larger one next to the plate. The two knives sit on the right hand side of the plate (blades facing inwards), the smaller knife on the outside and the larger knife next to the plate. Place the spoon on the outside of the knives. 

Dessert utensils will sit at the top, above the plate. The dessert fork’s handle must be on the left and the dessert spoon’s handle must be on the right. 

Glasses: The basic setting for glasses requires that you put the glass for water just above the knives, and next to it white wine glass, followed by red wine glass. 

Easier than you thought, right? Christmas is sorted!