Style tips and tricks
style tips for women and men


We’ve all been there. We’ve had our breath taken away by stylish women and men. And yet, their clothes proved to be pretty ordinary on closer examination. And we’ve wondered: how do they do it?

In order to even try to emulate those style icons, we have to understand what it is that makes them look so well put together. After some (covert) scrutinising, I think I discovered some of their secrets and decided to share them with you.

style tips for women

5 style tips and tricks for women

  1. Choose which part of your body you want to reveal and which to cover. For example, if you are showing your cleavage, don’t wear a short skirt too.
  2. Make your legs look longer by wearing skin-coloured shoes. You will achieve the same effect if you choose shoes and bottoms in the same colour, such as black tights and black heels.
  3. Tie a knot to your button-down shirt or your baggy T-shirt to better define your waist or your hips, or simply to add interest.
  4. Wear several necklaces of different lengths, either in the same or in contrasting material.
  5. Carefully choose the bra to wear under those unforgiving tissue-thin T-shirts.

style tips for men

5 style tips and tricks for men

  1. Pants always beat shorts, even in hot weather. The only exception is a beach get-up.
  2. Matching socks with shoes or trousers is the traditional way. Instead, wear patterned socks or match solid-colour socks with your tie, shirt, or blazer. To avoid the socks quandary altogether, wear versatile ankle boots!
  3. Never wear socks and sandals. As a matter of fact, don’t wear sandals at all, except on a beach.
  4. Experiment with colour. Men’s pants come in red, green, yellow, orange… so do shirts and shoes!
  5. Opt for solid-colour or subtly patterned T-shirts. Tees with graphics and words on them should be reserved for housework or for a rock concert.

style tips for men and women

10 style tips and tricks for women and for men

  1. Know what suits your body type and never wear a bad fit.
  2. When in doubt, go with the smaller size in jeans. They always stretch, and the unintentionally baggy bottom is most unflattering.
  3. Contrast tight and baggy. Snug-fitting tops go well with wide skirts or loose pants; loose tops look great with skinny pants or pencil skirts.
  4. Contrast light and dark colours to accentuate and to obscure. A light coloured top will draw attention to your chest and shoulders, while dark-wash jeans will make your hips less noticeable.
  5. Layer your clothes and don’t be afraid to mix patterns. To avoid looking bulky in a sweater-over-shirt outfit, wear a snug tank top in between.
  6. Up your stylishness factor instantly by tucking in only a part of your sweater or shirt.
  7. Practice pushing up or rolling up your sleeves in different ways.
  8. Wear scarves: men around the neck, women around the neck, the waist, the wrist or tied to a handbag.
  9. Upgrade your buttons. This can change your jacket from average to stylish.
  10. A nice pair of sunglasses, good quality belt, fine wristwatch or a piece of jewellery will improve most outfits instantly.

Before you leave your house, take time to put your look together. Check your reflection in a full length mirror from all angles, especially from the back. Then forget all about it and just be unselfconsciously confident in what you wear.

style tips for women and men