Spotted on bidorbuy: The Wheel and the Rooster


Spin your yarn, sit in a French Bergere wingback chair, listen to the music out of a jukebox and feed your rooster. Then contribute your bit for charity by bidding on Mario Frangoulis CD

You do not have to be a Sleeping Beauty to appreciate the beauty of this spinning wheel, up for grabs on bidorbuy. In case you never read the fairy tale, a spinning wheel is a device for spinning thread or yarn from natural or synthetic fibres, much in use before the Industrial Revolution.  Spinning wheels were also the stuff myths and legend were made of, as illustrated in this interesting article.

This Bergere wingback French chair, also featured on bidorbuy, may not be quite suitable to double as a stool for the spinning wheel. However, it would surely look good in the same ambience.

Talking of ambience, a spinning wheel is usually associated with a farm, which may or may not also have French wingback chairs. However, a farm surely must have chicken. A lot of chicken. And a rooster to go with them. We are confident that this beautiful big rooster has found just such a home with the help of bidorbuy.

So far, we have got the soothing hum of a spinning wheel, the gentle sigh of pleasure associated with sinking into a comfortable chair, and the cheerful crowing of a rooster.

What is missing from the picture?

The music coming out of something fittingly archaic, of course.

Although not from the same pre-Industrial Revolution age as the spinning wheel, this jukebox looks refreshingly antiquated in comparison with modern MP3 players. This bidorbuy posting is attracting a lot of attention, though the bidders seem to shy away from the price.

You can get your share of music and at the same time ensure that someone else gets lucky by bidding on the charity auction for the Mario Frangoulis CD and DVD set. You have until 4PM on Friday 25th. After that, the names, or user names of the most generous bidorbuyers are due to be broadcast on Classic fM Internet Economy show.