Some ideas for the Crazy for Cash Competition


Considering I am not allowed to enter the competition myself I thought I would share some ideas I had. Feel free to use them (first come first serve I guess):

  •  Take the video footage of a horse race and you know how horse race commentators sound (in some ways it is similar to the chanting of a live auctioneer), so create your own commentary based on the visuals of the horse race but commenting about bidders bidding on an auction i.e. the horse that wins the race will effectively be the bidder that wins the auction.  I once heard a similar funny commentary like giving the horses funny names – I remember the one section going something like : “As they take the first bend, Bubblegum is sticking on the inside …” I think you could have a lot of fun with this one adapting it to a bidorbuy context.
  • What about taking the lyrics from the song “I believe I fly” and changing it into “I believe I can buy, I believe I can bid or buy” etc.

Come on … this is for fifty thousand big ones! bidorbuy Crazy for Cash competition.