Sofa so good – finding couches for sale online!


Couches for sale

Picture the scene: you’re relaxing in your lounge after a long week of work, feet up, scrolling through your bidorbuy watchlist. But something’s not right – your sofa isn’t quite as comfortable as it could be. It’s time to look for couches on sale online.

How to choose the perfect couch

First things first: how much space do you have, and how many people (and kids, and dogs) will be chilling on your new couch? Before you choose your dream sofa, it’s important to check that it measures up, so you’ll need to get busy with your tape measure.

TV or not TV – that is the question

Remember that scene in Friends where Joey wondered about people who don’t own TVs – what do they point their furniture at? It’s actually an important point – while most couches end up facing the screen, other options could be orientating your new couch to enjoy the view of your garden, or looking out over your braai area.

Corner sofas

Make the most of your space with a corner sofa – they’re ideal for sneaky daytime siestas, and many people enjoy the extra support whether they’re studying or relaxing. Corner sofas let you fit more couch in the same space, while still leaving you plenty of room in your lounge.

Corner sofas are also great for sharing, and you’ll find that they help you have more quality family time as everyone will find their way there during the weekend or evening. They can also be a great way to stretch your home furnishing budget – they often offer better value than buying a sofa and separate armchairs.

What is the best sofa: leather or fabric?

You’ve found your perfect shape of sofa and checked that it will fit. Now comes the next big question – fabric or leather? Leather sofas could just be the ultimate luxury – with a little bit of TLC, it will give you years of faithful service, and add a touch of elegance to your home.

Leather is prone to getting scratched, however, so if you have pets or young children you may want to choose fabric instead. Darker fabrics are more practical, and covers that are easy to remove and wash will make your life much easier.

While leather can limit your colour options, with fabric you can choose colours and patterns that match the rest of your décor – or go a little crazy and mix things up.

How to get a great deal on a couch

Buying a new couch or sofa can be a big investment, but there are lots of ways to get a great deal – starting with bidorbuy. Try looking at second-hand furniture, and don’t be put off the perfect couch just because you’re not sure about the fabric.

You can always get a couch or sofa reupholstered – this also expands your options, because you’re not limited to certain colours or patterns. Check out convertible furniture, like sofa beds – they’re literally two for the price of one. They can also save you a lot of space when compared to having a guest room with a bed that’s only used a few times a year.

Best of all, once you get your new couch, you’ll be able to relax properly while you look for more great deals on bidorbuy!