So what's going to win you the R50K?


There have been a number of various entries received on our website, but I’ve yet to see something that really blows me away.  Something that just screams ‘I’m Crazy For Cash’.Â

So what’s the kind of thing that’s deserving of the R50,000 cash prize?

Well, I’ll give you some pointers!

Make sure to incorporate bidorbuy as originally as possibly into your video or image.  Don’t just take an old pic and ‘paste’ the bidorbuy logo over it – that’s not displaying any originality!

Be different from the rest.  Do something that will truly WOW people.  Pulling a funny face is just not going to cut it.

Create something that has the potential to go viral.  Test your entry by asking yourself this simple question: “Will I send this to my buddies or would they send it to me?  Will it go from friend to friend to friend?  Will it make you say ‘Wow’, ‘Ouch’, ‘Awesome’ or will it make you laugh hysterically?”Â

If you think your entry sucks…well, then it probably does.

If you truly want to snatch up the prize, then you have to be creative about how you will incorporate bidorbuy into your campaign.  Here are some ideas:

 Graffiti your wall with the bidorbuy logo or brand name.  Video record your own bidorbuy commercial showing the potentially outrageous things you can sell or buy on bidorbuy.  Record a new jingle or even a song for bidorbuy.  You can use the words and jingles of a popular song, and re-write your own lyrics about bidorbuy.

Just be funny, smart, creative, outrageous or hilarious if you want to stand in line to snap up the R50k!

To end off with, check out this entry. It demonstrates originality and shows that it was created especially for bidorbuy.

Let’s see those entries rolling in… it’s not that hard to record a quick video of something really unique!