Recently snatched treasures


clockIf you are looking for a grandfather clock made out of very dark stinkwood, beautifully carved, more than two metres tall, like the one pictured to the left… then we’re sorry to say it’s just been sold on bidorbuy for R28,000.

If nothing but a beautiful and expensive antique clock will do, to brighten that dark corner in your living room, there’s no need to despair.

We are sure that, more often than not, you’ll be able to find over-R10,000 olden-time clocks on this page. Sooner or later, the clock of your dreams is bound to appear there.

Among other treasures recently snatched on bidorbuy are a R30,900 Rolex watch, a R41,050 rare Union of South Africa coin, a R30,200 diamond ring

paintingWe are used to coins or diamonds fetching high prices on bidorbuy, but stamps can get up there too, like this set of stamps with postmarks of the Cape of Good Hope 1849-1910, which was sold for R18,000.

This little Walter Battiss painting went for “only” R5,400, but found its way into our “recently snatched riches” post simply because it’s so irresistible.

And at the end: what we said for the grandfather clock goes for all the other items already sold on bidorbuy: if you keep looking, you’ll find something just as beautiful waiting for you to snatch it!