Skin deep in peels


Beautiful, glowing skin is desired by women all over the world. Despite the fact that proper beauty and home-care maintenance is vital, the majority of women are now looking at quicker alternatives to achieve a more flawless, youthful and radiant look. 

Aptly dubbed a beauty blessing, skin peels are becoming increasingly popular as the treatment of choice for not only women, but men too. Skin peels promise and deliver instant skin rejuvenation, slowing down the dreaded aging process and maintaining the skin’s overall health without any of the side effects associated with invasive surgery. Skin problems such as acne, hyper pigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage and scars can be effectively treated.

How do skin peels work?

  • A skin peel is classified as light, medium or deep and can be performed on the face, neck or hands.
  • A light chemical peel removes the top layer of the skin and effectively treats fine lines, age spots and skin discolouration.
  • Medium skin peels penetrates the upper layer and middle layer of the epidermis. It is effective in the treatment of deep wrinkles, pigmentation and acne scarring.
  • A deep peel penetrates the lower layer of the dermis and treats deep lines, wrinkles and skin pigmentation.

Types of skin peels

  • Glycolic acid
  • Trichloroacetic acid
  • Salicylic acid
  • Lactic acid
  • Carbolic acid

What to expect from a skin peel

The aesthetician will first cleanse your skin. A chemical solution is then applied to the area being treated. The type of chemical solution required is determined on your first consult. You will most likely experience a burning sensation that lasts between five to ten minutes followed by a stinging sensation. Cool compresses can be used to alleviate the discomfort.

Skin peels:

  • Reduce fine lines under your eyes and around your mouth
  • Reduces freckles, age spots and uneven skin tone
  • Treats blotchy, sun-damaged skin
  • Skin peels successfully treat mild to severe acne
  • Greatly improve the look and feel of your skin

Make sure you work closely with your aesthetician to determine which peel will be better suited to achieve the desired results. Your skin peel should be performed by a professional with at least 5 years experience. Ask your aesthetician to show you before and after photos of patients treated by him or her.