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This is hot news:

As from yesterday, Monday 9th of June, you have the power to share your favourites from bidorbuy with your friends.

This is how it works. Simply navigate to bidorbuy. Then browse around until you stumble upon an exceptional find. It could be a coin that you know your collector friend will swoon over. Or an artwork that will look wonderful on your other friend’s living room wall. Or an engagement ring that you know is just what your third friend is looking for. With 100,000 items – give or take a few – that are daily featured on bidorbuy, you are bound to  see more than a handful that are the perfect match for one of the many people you know.

Be a good friend. Tell others about your great finds. All it takes is a click on the bidorbuy item you’d like to share, a hover of your mouse over the “SHARE” menu situated on the second yellow bar, in the upper right-hand corner.  The next click, on the social network you’re are involved in – Facebook, Digg, Twitter,, whichever one it may be – will take you to a log-in window. Type in your details – and there you are! The item you selected from bidorbuy is now posted on your profile, for all the people you care about to see.

Alternatively, in case you haven’t created your profile on any social network yet, or if the item you found is for the eyes of one person only, you have the option of simply emailing your find. You can also add your find from bidorbuy to your Favourites.

All in all, the art of online auctioning just got more fun!