Sellers, get ready for Christmas


Here’s a question for all bidorbuy sellers: Are you dreaming of record-breaking sales on bidorbuy this holiday season?Christmas on bidorbuy


Well, now is your last chance to snap out of dreaming and get stuff done.

To help you “get stuff done”, here are some tried and tested tips:

  • Decide which products you want to promote this Christmas.
  • Add a touch of Christmassy look and feel to your listings. An image of Santa’s hat, a mistletoe, or a red-and-green colour scheme will do.
  • Put your listing into the bidorbuy Christmas catalogue. It will cost you only R10; in return, your listing (or listings) will get massive exposure on bidorbuy. (NB: Christmas catalogue officially opens on 1 November. However, you may start listing there now – and if enough products accumulate by, let’s say, 25 October, we may very well launch the catalogue a few days early.)
    listing on bidorbuy
  • Your budget permitting, select several other enhancements when creating your listings, for example Home Page Featured and / or Category Featured. Remember, your aim is to have as many as possible of the million-plus potential shoppers that are expected to visit bidorbuy to land on your listings!
  • To make sure that every rand you invest to enhance specific listings works to the full, insert in the description of the enhanced listing links to your other, non-enhanced products on bidorbuy.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming popular and shoppers on bidorbuy will be expecting extra good deals around these two dates. While it is perfectly fine to discount “slow moving” products, we also urge you to consider discounting high margin brands or selected hot selling items. (NB: On bidorbuy, Black Friday lasts one whole week, the last week of November, which then continues straight into Cyber Monday, also one week long.)
  • If your bidorbuy business is not already on social media, bring it there and make sure to like our pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and to interact with us! (Without ever trying to monopolise our social media pages, naturally.)
  • Offer extra good service to your customers. State the Christmas cut off dates clearly in your listings – and then deliver on time. We cannot over-stress how important it is not to disappoint your customers during this period due to non-delivery.

Wishing you an exceptionally successful holiday trading season!