The Seaboard Grand Piano


Recently, the world of grand pianos underwent a giant technological leap; the introduction of the Seaboard Grand from ROLI.

The Seaboard Grand is the next logical progression of the traditional piano keyboard. The distinguishing  feature of the

Pressure Sensitive Piano
The Seaboard Grand’s pressure sensitive interface

Seaboard Grand is the keyboard itself. It doesn’t contain keys at all. Instead the Seaboard Grand features a fully digital, 3D surface which enable the control of the 3 vital aspects of music, pitch, volume & timbre; due to the high sensitivity pressure pads which replace traditional piano keys, basically resulting in a seamless hybrid of digital music controller and musical instrument.

The Seaboard Grand is also the first digital instrument which allows for the control of electronic and technological parameters via traditional playing techniques and movements. This removes the need for secondary inputs, such as touch-screens or extra buttons, dials and knobs, which are traditionally used to control the digital aspects of instruments.

Seaboard Grand side view
The Seaboard Grand’s minimalist design

The pressure sensitive nature of the Seaboard Grand allows musicians to control sound effects in real-time, without the need for specialized software which was traditionally used to alter effects during production and mastering. The sensitivity of the Seaboard Grand is such that it accurate allows the player to reproduce horn swells, guitar strums on the board itself, without the player having to lift their hand of the ‘keyboard’ to change the effects.

The Seaboard Grand has been praised by many for its’ innovative features and a unique, minimalist design. The piano is due to go on sale in April of 2013.

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Seaboard Grand piano stand
The Seaboard Grand continues the minimalist theme with the stand