Scam-free holiday season


The festive season is the time of general goodwill and shopping sprees.

It is also the time when internet criminals of all kinds increase their efforts to separate you from your personal details and your money. Though such scams occur all year round, scammers prey extra forcefully on people’s generosity and vulnerabilities at this time of year.

We have had reports from several users who received phishing emails pertaining to come from bidorbuy. Phishing emails prompt the recipients to click on a link in order to confirm their email address and password. If users click on the link in a phishing email, they are taken to a fake site where their user name and password will be harvested by criminals.

To keep your online experience a pleasant one, always be on the alert, especially when it comes to disclosing your sensitive information like password or credit card details. Remember that bidorbuy will never send you an email asking you to confirm your password. If you do click on a link in an email, check that the destination URL is genuine. Even better, type the address of the site manually in your browser.

Do not let cyber criminals spoil your festive cheer. Stay scam savvy this holiday season!