Say NO to phishing


fake500If you receive an email (purportedly) from bidorbuy asking you to “click on this link” in order to update your log-in information, do NOT do it. If you do click on the link, you will be taken to a bogus site that only looks like bidorbuy. If you enter your log-in details on such a site, you will be giving your username and password to thieves.

Email messages asking bidorbuy users to “click on a link” are the newest phishing scam doing the cyberspace rounds. Although both the email and the site look professional, they usually contain a few warning signs, like uncertain grammar and/or wordiness. Also, the website address displayed in your browser will not be It will be something slightly different, probably with numbers in front.

You best protection is to ignore phishing emails. It is usually a good idea to type in the address of the site yourself in your browser’s address bar, instead of clicking on a link in an email message.

If you ever receive an email from bidorbuy that leaves you in slightest doubt, write to before taking any important action, like entering your sensitive information or handing over money.