Samare: proudly South African fashion


bidorbuy welcomes a brand new fashion seller onto our site: the fabulous Samare Retail Group. What’s so fantastic about Samare is its utter dedication to South African designed and South African manufactured clothing products.

I chatted to entrepreneur and owner of SRG, Samantha Arendse about the concept and her experience so far.

What’s Samare Retail Group’s M.O?

SRG aims to bring South African fashion to the fast emerging online market, with products ranging from every day wear to high fashion items.

Where did your inspiration come from?

The lack of MADE IN SA fashion is a huge problem in the Clothing and Textile Industry, with most products being sourced or produced internationally.  Adding to that is the fact that the local manufacturing market has shrunk significantly, which is an industry in which the majority of middle to lower income South Africans are or were once employed.

What was your very first introduction to the world of Fashion?

With the majority of my family being employed in this industry, it was hard not to follow suit. I landed my first job being a  P.A. to a very well-known South African swimwear designer. This was the starting point of my hunger to pursue a fashion related busi



South African has many talented designers, Who are your favourites?

Stoned Cherrie by Nkhensani Nkosi, I love her designs for the way she blends vibrant colours into her pieces, and her beautiful silhouettes which are never ‘over the top’. My current favourites are Michelle Ludek’s maxi and midi dresses.  I also loved the lingerie designed by Coconut Jazz.

What excites you about the South African fashion industry?

It’s always changing; it’s always fun seeing our interpretation of global fashion trends.

What kinds of clothing are you into?

My key drivers are comfort, versatility, longevity, or for that special piece, I try to find something that is fun and unique but compliments my personality.

What’s it like being an online start-up in the clothing industry?

It is difficult, especially when you compare the size of the industry now to what it used to be.  But currently there is a huge growth in the numbers for online shoppers, with a significant shift to the trend of convenience shopping.

When you put together an outfit, are there rules you follow?

Always wear something that compliments your figure and that you are comfortable in. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman ‘schlepping’ along in stilettos when it is clear she is not comfortable in them, and never over accessorise: rather wear one piece — whether it’s a scarf, earrings, a bracelet or a necklace — that is eye catching.

How many pairs of shoes is too many?

Really? A very tight kept secret is that women NEVER have enough shoes!!!!

What do you believe? Fashion should:

  • follow the trends
  • be about personal experimentation
  • be wearable and classic
  • be a form of art

Fashion should be wearable and classic, the term OVER THE TOP exists for a reason.