Rise to the challenge in Risen 3


In Risen 3, players explore a world that is in throes of despair. All is not well on the high seas; ghosts and pirates abound and demonic entities stalk and terrorise various islands. The condition of the player is also dire: your soul has been stolen by a Shadow Lord, and the aim of Risen 3 is to regain your spirit and also to free the archipelago from the shadowy pall that has spread across it.


An open world rpg in the spirit of SkyrimRisen 3 is not as polished a gem but it offers a grand adventure experience. The player can explore numerous islands, sail across the seas and engage in land and ship combat with a diversity of foes, from sea monsters and pirates to goblins and the undead. Numerous followers can be acquired in the course of your adventures, and the NPCs are excellently cast, with brilliant voice acting and believable personalities.


You can find Risen 3: Titan Lords on bidorbuy.


risen 3: Titan Lords