Ready or not, here it comes


We announced the new Consumer Protection Act in Consumer is the king, dwelt on some aspects of it in What you see is what you get… or is it and in Grey market and the Consumer Protection Act, gave an overview of it in The Consumer Protection Act and bidorbuy Buyers and Sellers

However, judging by this thread on the bidorbuy Forum, there are still many questions about the Act that is due to come into effect… today.

What are you as a bidorbuy seller to do if you still feel clueless?

We suggest that you read the Act and keep yourself informed about the interpretations via the help of mass media.

And what if, after all that research, you end up (and here we paraphrase what one bidorbuy seller said on the Forum) more confused than ever?

Do not despair. That is perfectly normal.

In broad terms, the new Consumer Protection Act is basically a compilation of previously scattered laws and a formalisation of existing best business practices. As such, it is safe to say that the majority of bidorbuy sellers already comply with the provisions of the new Act.

As for the details – well, therein lies the challenge. Even experts say that the full implications of the Consumer Protection Act on the South African business landscape will be known only after it has been in force for about a year. All lofty knowledge and good intentions notwithstanding, nothing can replace the test of time.

bidorbuy will try to help you by posting guidelines and advice (not legal advice, mind you) on the already mentioned (and rapidly growing)  Forum thread.

In any case, if you treat your buyers as you would like merchants to treat you, you can hardly go wrong.