Popular home products during lockdown


I thought I’d shed some light on what South Africans have been buying during these unprecedented times. It appears that some rather interesting trends have surfaced. Everyone has found their inner Nigella Lawson, with high sales of flour and copious pictures of banana bread appearing on social media. There’s also been a significant rise in yeast sales, excuse the pun,  although it would be naive to think this is for anything other than a last-ditch attempt at making beer or cider. It also seems as though everyone is a professional hairdresser at the rate men are shaving their heads and women are dying their locks. However, this blog is all about the more rational and justified purchases people are making for their homes. 

Personal protective equipment

First, we became experts at washing our hands. Then we leaned into social distancing. Then we bought masks. Amid rising infection rates and deaths from the coronavirus, sales of protective gear like face masks and gloves have skyrocketed. Although the effectiveness of face masks has been brought into question, many countries around the world have made them mandatory for everyone leaving their homes. Face masks are not 100% effective, but there is no doubt that they limit the spread of germs to your nose and mouth, the potential entry points. It is imperative, however, to avoid constantly adjusting face masks as this is where the threat is introduced – by touching your face you could be spreading the virus from your hands.

Take care

Practising self-care during lockdown is important to our mental health, and what better way to do that than with a pamper party for one. With toiletries like hair care, body and face washes, deodorants, shampoo and toothpaste being top-selling products this lockdown, you may as well light a few candles and make an evening out of it. Buy yourself a luxury face wash or that hair mask you’ve wanted for months, get that tooth-whitening toothpaste and splurge on that age correction moisturiser, after all, it’s the little luxuries that make a big difference. 

For those not counting calories

Just before the lockdown, we saw many animal shelters being emptied out by the kind hearts of South Africans as residents chose to give these animals a loving home during these trying times. Of course, this came with an increase in domestic pet food sales. Pet food was made an essential item from day one of lockdown, and rightfully so, the importance of pets cannot be overlooked. They have given many a sense of purpose during the lockdown as something to feed, look after and nurture. It is important too that your pets are also mentally stimulated; an easy way to do this is to scatter small treats on the floor, allowing your pet to hoover them up, a way of making dinner time a bit more interesting.

Lean mean cleaning machine

For the OCD readers out there that have spent the lockdown cleaning the kitchen counters 10 times a day, this one’s for you. Cleaning your home, apartment, bathroom or anything really, gives one an immense sense of pride, especially when you’re doing it for yourself and not your much-anticipated guests. The sales of cleaning supplies have risen as many homeowners are cleaning up after themselves and have only just realised why the dishwashing liquid runs out so quickly. Toilet cleaner, surface cleaner and all-purpose cleaner seem to be particularly popular items at the moment.

Wishing you a safe and happy remainder of lockdown. Remember that you can still shop all essential items at bidorbuy.