Playstation TV comes to the West!


Playstation(PS) TV is a gaming console that has been touted as “One of Sony’s most exciting new products” by the IGN website. Originally only available in Japan, at E3 Sony made the announcement that the console would be available for sale in Europe and North America during the third quarter of 2014.

Playstation TV is essentially a non-portable incarnation of the Playstation Vita. It has no display screen of its own but connects directly to a television set via an HDMI connection. Players can play a number of current PS, PS portable and PS Vita games using this method, and will also be able to download and play games from Sony’s upcoming game streaming service. It will also be able to play PS 3 games via a cloud based connection.

However, the thing that really has gamers excited is the capacity for the PS TV to allow players to stream games wirelessly from the PS4 to a monitor attached to the PS TV. Web browsing and an emailfacility is also available as per the original PS Vita console on which the PS TV was based.