Picnic essentials
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Picnicking is a great outdoorsy activity suitable for people of all ages. It is an opportunity to get out of the house, soak up the sun and just relax. You can have a picnic just because you want to, for birthdays, with kids or without kids…it’s up to you. In order for your picnic to be successful, you need to be organised. This blog post will provide you with a guideline to ensure you have all your picnic essentials and don’t land up forgetting something important.

1. Food and drinks

Whether you decide to make the food or buy it, that’s your choice. Try to make or buy food items that can easily be eaten by hand such as sandwiches, burgers, finger foods and snacks like chips and sweets. If you decide to bring along food such as pasta or salads, make sure to bring utensils. Tip! Avoid making or buying food that needs to be served warm.

Bring along a cooler box with ice, bottled water and all the drinks you desire.

Don’t forget salt, pepper and the condiments of your choice. (The sachet ones are more convenient if you can find them, because you can dispose of the packet after use).

2. Utensils and tableware

It is important to include forks, a steak knife, as well as spoons to dish up food like the pasta and salad. Paper plates and cups are useful for picnics as you can throw them away afterwards. If you are bringing some wine along, don’t forget your bottle opener. And of course, have a picnic basket to keep all your items in one place and safe from damage.

3. Hygiene

Plastic bags (either shopping bags or black plastic bags) are necessary to keep (and leave) your picnic spot clean and hygienic. Bag all unwanted items and empty cartons, and place the bag in a designated refuse collection point.

Bring along some paper towels and wet wipes. These will always come in handy for wiping hands, cleaning spills or mess created while eating.

4. Be comfortable

Don’t forget to bring along items designed to make your picnic spot comfortable and pleasant. A blanket or towel as well as some pillows can make you feel more at ease.

Being comfortable also includes taking care of your skin. Be sure to bring a hat and some sunscreen, especially if you choose a very sunny area to set up your picnic spot.

5. Don’t forget to have fun

If you are hosting a party or just feel like adding a theme to your picnic, then feel free to include extra party props such as a string of bunting or signage (make sure your picnic spot has some trees so you can hang your decorations). Also maybe consider a pinata to add a fun element; it can keep kids or guests entertained for hours. You can also bring a board game or a pack of cards to stay entertained. Lastly, if it is allowed in the park or picnic spot you choose, bring a bluetooth speaker so you can play music in the background.