Phishing attacks and you


“Attention! Your bidorbuy account has been stolen!”

What would you do if you received an email like that?

Having read the extensive information published in the bidorbuy blog (just do a search for phishing), you will not click on the link contained in the message. You will simply delete the message.

Clicking on the link would not take you to, but to a fraudulent site, which may look like bidorbuy.

Scammers are changing the wording of their messages all the time. Be wary of any unexpected emails that urge you to “click here”.

To keep on the safe side, always check the destination URL. Even better, open your internet browser and then type in manually the address of the site, Then proceed to log in by clicking on the Log in button situated in the top right corner of each and every page on the bidorbuy web site.

If in any doubt, please write to the bidorbuy customer support at