How to pay on bidorbuy


payment methods on bidorbuySellers on bidorbuy offer a variety of payment methods. That is as it should be. As every merchant knows, the availability of choices is one of the pillars of a successful trading career.

So, whatever you decide to buy on bidorbuy, you will probably see most or all of these payment options: Credit Card; bobPay-EFT; Cash Deposit (to bidorbuy account); Discovery Miles; bobBucks; PayPal; and Other Options.

Which of these options you decide to use is entirely up to you. However, it is important that you know exactly what you are opting for, especially so since bidorbuy boosted its Buyer Protection Programme (BPP) to cover practically all purchases made on the site “if a seller does not send you the item you purchased or if the item is materially different to what was advertised”.

As is usually the case with a cover of this kind, you as the buyer will have to fulfil certain specific conditions in order to benefit from it. And one of the conditions is to use one of the payment methods recognised by BPP, namely: bobPay-EFT, credit card, cash deposit to the bidorbuy account, Discovery Miles or bobBucks. (Read more about various payment options in this Help article.)

In some circumstances, it may make sense to pay using the method called other options, which may include internet transfers directly to the seller’s account, wire transfers, cash payments, and so on.

However, it is important that you know exactly which payment methods are covered by BPP and which are not.

It is also important to know other conditions set out in our Buyer Protection Programme. We recommend that you read it thoroughly, because only a well-informed buyer is able to make well-informed buying decisions. That is one of the pillars of having a satisfactory shopping experience!