New season, new you!


A fresh start

Spring Day – September 1st – is just around the corner, and the change of seasons is traditionally a time of new beginnings: blossom, new leaves and birds building nests. If you’ve been cocooning yourself against the cold weather, it’s also the perfect opportunity to ‘emerge’ again – literally, and in the sense of focusing on your health and wellbeing.

They say that summer bodies are made in winter, but we’re here to tell you that feeling great in your own skin starts in Spring. Self-care needn’t involve dusting off your gym membership card; instead, it’s about focusing on moments that make you feel cherished and fresh.

Woman applying a moisturiser better suited to the spring weather

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Give your skin some TLC

As the weather gets warmer, spending time out of doors becomes much more appealing. As well as topping up your Vitamin D levels, why not invest in a new moisturiser to hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling plumper and firmer, and looking younger?

We’re loving these water-based moisturisers – because of how they’re formulated, they can be easily absorbed by your skin, and help revitalise it by delivering deep, lasting moisture. Whether you prefer a lightly fragranced product or one that’s neutral, you’ll find the ideal moisturiser on Bob Shop – a product that your dry winter skin will simply slurp up!

The sun is coming out to play

By now, you might feel that you’ve all but lost that tan you oh-so-carefully worked on last summer, but don’t despair. Spring sees longer, brighter days, which means you can start gaining some natural, healthy colour again. The kye word here, of course, is ‘healthy’ – remember that your skin probably hasn’t had much exposure to the sun during the long winter months, so it’s important to take things gently.

After all, what is self-care all about, if not being gentle with yourself? Modern life is busy – we get that – but it’s important to always be as kind to yourself as you can. That can take different forms – drinking more water, getting more sleep, or spending less time scrolling social media.

Protection is everything

Protecting yourself from negative influences is also a form of kindness, and should be a key part of your Spring self-care programme. Too much sun, for example, can be a bad thing, so be sure to safeguard your skin by using a daily sun protection product . This will help reduce the risk of dry, flaking or prematurely aging skin.

The good news is that modern sun protection products have come a long way – they’re much lighter and less greasy than old-fashioned sun blocks. That means you can apply them every day, and stay safe in the sun as part of your Spring self-care programme.

Woman applying sun protection in spring

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Spring is in the air

We love the scent of spring – fresh air and new blooms! You can capture and share it by switching to a lighter fragrance as your new season signature scent. Botanicals can work really well – they convey the sense of renewed energy and optimism that comes with Spring.

Spray on something citrusy, floral or fruity and you won’t just turn heads – you’ll breeze through each day with confidence, knowing you look good on the outside and more importantly, feel great on the inside.