Must-haves for your first home
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Moving out of your parents’ house can be very daunting. It is also exciting, because it is the start of a new chapter in your life where the word “independence” starts to have a new meaning. All the little things you take for granted like clean clothes, shiny floors and a perfectly made bed soon become luxuries in your own home. Washing up is no longer a chore your mom expects from you, it is now something you just have to do to prevent your house from smelling like a garbage bag. And you also have to make the food… Don’t be disheartened when your two-minute noodles and cheese with a twist invention does not live up to your mom’s macaroni and cheese. It’s okay, as long as it is edible. In order to make the big move at least a little easier, I have created an essential guide of all the items you will need for your very first home.


New home

The big ticket items

You will obviously have to get all your big essential items such a a couchbedkitchen appliances and a TV. A useful tip when buying a couch: try to find a sleeper couch or L-shaped couch to allow for more sleeping room when you have guests over.


The small necessities

It is very easy to overlook some small but often key items that you   won’t be able to live without. To save you from trekking to the shops every time you realise you don’t have something, I have put together a list of things you will definitely need to make your new pad a home.


This may seem very obvious, but you really can’t do without your basic kitchen utensils such as cutlery, drinking glasses, and mugs. Very importantly, you also need kitchen tools such as a can opener, spatula to lift your eggs, a masher, and a pasta ladle. If you don’t have a colander yet, don’t fear; a simple dish cloth will do an awesome job. A mini step ladder is a must if you have a kitchen with cupboards that are too high to reach.


For the bathroom, you will need a bath mat so that you don’t slip and slide while trying to get out of the shower or bath and a bath towel… which may not seem like a vital item until you find yourself standing dripping wet in the shower cubicle. Panic!


For the sake of cleanliness

Don‘t fool yourself. If you slack in this department, everyone will know, including yourself. So, I’ll give you the list, and you supply the muscle power. Your kitchen must never be without dishwashing liquid. The laundry essentials you will definitely need are: washing powder, fabric softener and stain remover. An all-purpose cleaner plus a dedicated toilet cleaner are also a must. Complete the list with an array of sponges, a broom, mop and bucket.


Now you should be ready to live independently! Whoever said you would never cope by yourself will definitely be surprised. Show them you can do it. Next step: throw a housewarming party… and clean up afterwards, all by yourself!