More wheels on bidorbuy


The entry about bidorbuy sellers who listed real cars on R1 no reserve auction had hardly taken off into the cyberspace when bidorbuy decided to unveil yet another vehicular auction. In cooperation with McCarthy Call-a-Car, bidorbuy is proud to present the 2008 brand new Volkswagen TenaCiti for your review.

The auction is scheduled for Thursday 9th October. It starts – naturally – at R1 and there is no reserve. Yes, that does mean that bidorbuy and McCarthy Call-a-Car are obliged to let the car go to the highest bidder, no matter how short of reaching the retail price of R75,300 that winning bid might be. A bidder who offers some ridiculously low highest bid, for example R99, would therefore rightfully walk away with the TenaCiti, providing she (or he) pays an additional amount of up to R2500 for licensing, registration and delivery of the vehicle.

That, of course, is in theory. Real life is a bit different. Although TenaCiti 1.4 is the most affordable car across the VW Citi range, it possesses as much “urban panache as any in the range, and more than enough tenacious energy for even the most adventurous urbanite” (in the words of the official VW site). Therefore, expect a lively bidding contest, with uncertain outcome in the battle for this little number
It comes in these colours; however, all of them may not be available during the 14 days the winner has to conclude the transaction:

Oh, and there is also the metallic paint option, but that would cost extra.