Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor will blow your mind!
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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor has received a lot of hype due to an interesting twist on game mechanics and dark visualizations. The game has now been released and judging from many of the early reviews it more than lives up to its hype!


The game takes place between the events of J.R.R Tolkien’s classic novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Players will relish playing the ranger Talion, captain of Gondor garrison, whose outpost is overrun by the Orc forces of the Dark Lord Sauron. After being forced to watch his wife and son sacrificed as part of a grisly ritual to summon the ancient Elf LordCelebrimbor, Talion himself is put under the knife to complete the ceremony. However, his death is averted by the very wraith the Orcs sough to command. Celebrimbor merges with Talion, restoring him to life. His soul melded withCelebrimbor’s, Talion  sets out to avenge his loved ones and discover the mysteries of Celebrimbor’s past.


Players will be able to customize Talion through his ranger abilities (moving silently, archery etc.) and his wraith abilities.The latter allow Talion to dominate his enemies mentally and spread fearful rumours of his abilities. Set in an open world, the game features a Nemesis system, which makes individual characters react and remember their past relations with Talion and act accordingly. This system allows for many different playthroughs of the game, based on how the players interact with their surroundings.


You can find Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor on bidorbuy.



Middle Earth shadow of Mordor