Massive R1 Coins by Mail sale!


Coins By Mail  are having the sale of the decade with thousands of items marked down to a R1 starting bid! This exciting sale began earlier this week; and the best news is that Coins By Mail will be marking down a whole range of items for the next 2 months!

Coins By Mail currently has over 9000 items on auction – with starting prices as low as 50 Cents it’s definitely worth your while to take a look through their items. You never know what bargains are waiting for you.

You can find some fantastic deals in the following categories from Coins By Mail:

Coins and Notes: ( Top quality and scarce coins and notes – graded and ungraded) Browse top quality coins and notes of a variety of grades, including ungraded coins and notes. Get top quality coins and notes at giveaway prices!

Antiques and Collectables: (Thousands of items – including world’s largest lighter collection by type) Browse thousands of vintage, antiques and collectable items on sale. This includes one of the world’s largest collections of lighters by type featuring Zippo lighters, Ronsonol lighters and an assortment of gas, fuel and flint

Art: Browse a variety of original South African and International Artworks from known artists, including reproduced works and sculptures.

Gemstones and Rocks: Featuring top quality GISA certified stones, the Coins by Mail sale is any Gem collector’s dream. Browse sapphires, diamonds, opals and tanzanite at bargain prices!

Jewellery and Watches: The sale also features a Rolex, which is being auctioned with the low starting bid of only R17,500.00. There are also stunning broaches, pendants and earrings  available in the jewelry category which exude the elegance and class of yesteryear.

Militaria: Browse over 1000 militaria items, all on auction from R1. Coins by Mail has a fantastic range of authentic badges and insignia from the British, South African and Rhodesian armed forces.

This is your chance to do early Christmas shopping and get your presents at a bargain price.

Items listed at R1 are closing as from 19 October – don’t delay – you may miss out on the bargain on a lifetime!