Make your small big day special with bidorbuy


The best weddings come in small packages

Restrictions on gathering sizes because of COVID-19 have accelerated the trend towards smaller, more intimate weddings. Saying ‘I do’ in front of just a few friends and family is no less special – and a shorter guest list can mean a lot less admin, drama and expense!

Speaking of costs, smaller weddings are much easier to plan – you might find that you can do a lot of the preparations yourself, and save on hiring a wedding planner. As your big day approaches, you can find everything you need to make it memorable right here on bidorbuy.

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Say yes to the dress

When it comes to picking the perfect frock, your choices are almost limitless. Traditional white dresses remain incredibly popular, but this is your day, so you can do it your way! If shelling out for a brand-new dress looks like it might put a serious dent in your budget, check out our selection of secondhand wedding dresses. You’ll be the only person who knows, and you’ll be right on trend when it comes to repurposing preloved items.

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Your day, your style

Your wedding is a chance for you and your beloved to declare to the world just how you feel about each other, and to commit to be together forever. While your 2021 or 2022 wedding might have to be slightly smaller than you originally planned, that doesn’t mean it can’t reflect your love for each other and your personalities.

In fact, smaller more intimate weddings are easier to style – especially when you check out all the décor options available on bidorbuy. And don’t forget that buying everything from one site can save you time and let you get on with even more important things, like daydreaming about your honeymoon…

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From cake to candles

Whatever look you love, we have all the accessories required to bring it to life. Celebrate your heritage and your interests and create a space for the ceremony, the dinner and the after party that’s unmistakably about the two of you.

With weddings, there’s no detail too small or too large. Even a tiny ceremony comes with big expectations on the part of in-laws and guests, so you’ll want to get it right. Cake toppers, napkin rings and wedding stationery are just some of the items you’ll need to create a magical setting for exchanging vows and rings (oh yes, you can find those on bidorbuy too).

Speaking of cake, if you enjoy baking you can always make your own – another great way to save money and make the day even more personal.

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Delightful details

Getting married is not just a chance to express your undying love, but also to express your creativity and imagination. You already know you have great taste – look who you’re marrying! With all the décor items available on bidorbuy, you can really go to town and wow your guests with an amazing event that will be as special for them as it is for you.  

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Boost your budget

Smaller weddings can still be a costly exercise – worth every cent, of course, but still… A great way to increase the amount you have available to spend is to sell items you no longer want or need on bidorbuy. If you’re moving in together for the first time you might suddenly find you have two of everything – and no-one really needs two microwaves!