Make the world your playground


Games that are full of character(s)  

Can’t wait for your kids to get back to school and running out of ways to keep them entertained? Planet Games is the answer – a digital subscription to over 400 mobile games based on their favourite TV cartoons and video games. 

One month free means even more fun!

Planet Games can be downloaded instantly to any mobile device – with no shipping cost and no need to wait. With a three-month description (plus one month free), there’s no danger of your kids getting bored any time soon.

Your Planet Games gift card offers “all you can play” gaming action to keep young thumbs and fingers busy for hours, giving you the peace and quiet to get on with running your business or working from home.

All your kids have to do is choose which games to play – and there’s a lot of choice on Planet Games! How about a game of cat and mouse with Tom and Jerry, or solving mysteries with Scooby Doo and the gang? Soccer-mad kids can score great goals with Cristiano Ronaldo, and Ben 10 fans can use their alien superpowers to save the world.

Bringing cartoons to life

It’s all happening on Planet Games – and that’s just the start. Whatever your kids are into, they’ll find a game featuring their favourite Cartoon Network, Bandai Namco and Nickelodeon characters. You may never have heard of Steven Universe or Masha and the Bear, but you can bet that your kids love them.

Because all the games are on the Planet Games portal, all the content is kid-friendly and age appropriate. There’s no danger that your youngsters will stray onto unsuitable websites.

Of course, they should be doing their online lessons, but everyone needs the occasional break from their studies. Hanging out with the Smurfs or Snoopy is always going to be more fun than maths problems! Something tells us that your kids will be able to convince you that defeating monsters and getting to the next level on their new favourite game is also educational…

Best of all, this bidorbuy Digital product is just R99 – that’s just 25 cents per game! Like all our Digital products, purchasing is quick and easy – and delivery to your mobile device is instantaneous. These games can also be played on a desktop, but they work best (and look even more awesome) on a mobile device.

Start playing right away

As soon as you’ve made your payment, we’ll send you your 16-digit PIN code. Simply visit, enter the code, hit redeem and you’re good to go. Or rather, your kids are – shouldn’t you be on that video call with your boss? But then again, Planet Games is way more entertaining than writing sales reports or working on spreadsheets. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Sign up to Planet Games today and download as much fun as your family can handle – you’ll find it right here, in our Digital products category.