The laundry label guide, part 2


We’ve shown you how to read the washing and drying labels on your clothing, but what about ironing and dry-cleaning?

Don’t get into a tizz when it comes to laundry day. Follow the guide below for help. If you haven’t seen part one of this guide, take a look here.

Dry-cleaning Symbols

This simple symbol tells you that you will need to take this garment to the dry-cleaner and you will not be able to wash it yourself.

Conversely, this symbol states that the garment may not be dry-cleaned.

Ironing Symbols

This symbol indicates that you should use a low temperature iron when ironing this garment. The more dots, the higher the temperature; two dots indicates medium heat, while three dots indicates high heat.

This symbol requires you to iron without the use of steam.

You may not iron this garment if it’s label contains this symbol.