Latest games: Pound hoops, smash enemies and destroy Hong Kong


Three awesome games have been released recently and are sure to provide hours of excitement on the latest gaming consoles.

Basketball might be more of an American sport, but it is played with gusto in many schools across SA, and now you can slam dunk the highest hoops with NBA 2K15. Now you can step into the shoes of the tallest athletes on the planet, competing in the hottest courts across the US to claim the title of NBA champions. A dynamic, facial recognition feature allows you to create an athlete with your own facial features also.

If basketball is not visceral enough for you, then you can take to smashing faces in Killer Instinct, an Xbox One exclusive. A follow up to the classic versus fighting game from the nineties, the new Killer Instinct features new and returning characters – as well as the over the top combo system that we all loved.

Killer Instinct Xbox One

More of a Grand Theft Auto fan? Sleeping Dogs puts you into the shoes of an undercover cop trying to infiltrate the triads of Hong Kong. With an open world, plenty of guns and lots of cars, Sleeping Dogs garnered international acclaim when released in 2013. Now a new definitive edition has been launched. If you have not played the original, then sink your teeth into this revamped classic.