Jewellery for men
men's jewellery


Long ago, rich and powerful men wore lavish jewellery to showcase their wealth and status, often outshining their female counterparts. Then came a period when men were limited to only a few decorative accessories: a watch, a pair of cufflinks, and, if married, a wedding band.

How the times have changed! Today, male part of the population can choose from a great variety of exquisite men’s jewellery.

men's jewellery

However, an average man – for example, an office employee – still finds it difficult to venture into anything more extravagant than a watch and perhaps an unassuming ring.

Can a man who is not a rock star or a pirate satisfy the urge to adorn his person without overstepping on what is socially acceptable? Most certainly! Read on to find out how to go about it.

Wrist watches. A wrist watch has the power to make or break your look. That is why it is a good idea to own more than one. When deciding which timepiece to wear, consider your outfit. You do not want to be caught glancing at a watch with a rubber band when wearing a tuxedo! Generally speaking, digital watches go well with casual clothes, while an analogue (or analogue-looking) watch looks better with formal attire.

Rings. Married or not, there’s no reason for men to limit themselves to wedding bands only. Rings made out of silver, tungsten, and stainless steel are all very popular. To avoid matrimonial connotations, choose signet rings or engraved rings. Stick with one or two pieces for evening attire or layer several rings for a casual look.

men's jewellery

Cufflinks, tie pins and clips. Although they are less popular now than they used to be, there is nothing quite like cufflinks and tie pins or clips for making a statement. While these accessories are associated with formal wear, a colourful pair of cufflinks will also work well on a white lightweight cotton shirt complemented with a beige linen suit.

Bracelets. Perhaps to compensate for the decline of the cufflinks, bracelets are becoming more popular, especially among younger men. Depending on the design and the material used (metal, leather, textile, wood, beads), a bracelet can be casual or smart. In any case, it has the potential to bring a little extra to a man’s outfit. Leather or textile bracelets can be worn three or four close together.

Chains, necklaces and pendants. The key to wearing chains and necklaces, with or without pendants, is to keep them understated. Metal chains should be slim to medium width.  Leather or beaded necklaces can be bulkier, because this material is not as eye-catching as metal.

Earrings. Earrings are sometimes an acceptable ornament for men… and sometimes they are not. It all depends on the occasion. In any case, opt for subtle pieces in gold, silver or black.

men's jewellery

For some men, jewellery is about adding something to their outfit, like choosing the right pair of shoes or a suitable tie. If you are just venturing into jewellery-wearing arena, make sure that you feel comfortable with your chosen pieces and that they tie together your outfit and your look.

Most importantly, wear your jewellery with confidence.