Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller


A stroller or jogger is a great way to get some fresh air with baby and get in a little exercise. These are made specifically to ensure baby’s safety while you are jogging. Today we take a look at the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller.

Most buyers are very happy with their decision to buy the Jeep stroller, saying that it is perfect for a good jog on all terrains (that you would consider jogging on). The fixed wheel keeps the stroller from wobbling over the rough parts of the ground. Here are some of the features and their pros and cons, from general customer feedback.


Music on the Move Parent Tray

With a convenient spot to plug in your audio device, you can listen to your favourite jogging songs to get you going on the road.

Music on the go, with no need for headphones so that you can stay alert for baby.

An iPhone will not fit into the docking station, and the volume is not loud enough.

Speed and Distance Odometer

An odometer is conveniently placed on the handlebars.

You can track exactly what you are doing in terms of speed, distance and time.

Some owners claim a common malfunction with their odometers.

Large Storage Basket

There is a large, mesh storage space placed underneath the back of the stroller. It has high sides to ensure that items do not fall out while jogging.

There is enough space for the average size nappy bag, and it is easy to reach. It also allows for extra room on small shopping trips.

No con’s as far as storage is concerned.

Sort-ride 16″ Air-filled tyres

The tyres are specially designed for jogging on different terrains, keeping baby comfortable.

The fixed tyre was a concern for buyers but is in fact easy to maneuver, and baby could easily fall asleep on such a smooth ride.

The larger tyres don’t allow the jogger to be easily manoeuvred in between small spaces (in between clothing racks in a shop, for instance).

Free-Stand Design when Folded

The Jeep stroller folds up for storage or transport.

It may take a practice run or two, but quick folding and unfolding can be mastered.

When folded, the stroller is still somewhat bulky. Make sure that you have a storage spot for it, and enough boot space if it is going to be regularly transported.

Other Features:

Adjustable handlebar: There is an adjustable handlebar to allow for differences in height between you and your partner. This is perfect for mom and dad to alternate between taking baby for a jog.

Wind flap: A front windflap is provided and allows baby to be sheltered from the wind or sun, although some say it could do with a waterproof cover too.
Handy tip: when the front flap is open, you are also able to open the other flap placed behind baby, so that the wind can move through the stroller freely, and thus cause less resistance whilst you are running.

Breaks: The breaks are connected to the handlebars and are easy to reach. They are perfect for controlling downhill speeds, and for slowing down when approaching intersections.


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