Sounds like a great deal!
JBL speaker


Everywhere you go, always take your music with you… 

Look back on all the best memories of your life, and you can bet that each one has a soundtrack – the songs you were playing at that party, during that holiday, or on that epic road trip. Adding tunes to your best times is now easier than ever thanks to the range of JBL speaker available on Bob Shop

JBL speakers are one of the best-selling audio equipment brands in SA, and if you listen carefully, we’ll tell you why. It all comes down to ‘better sound, better price’ – decibel for decibel, nothing beats JBL speakers when it comes to filling your favourite spaces with quality sound, all without breaking the bank.

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Ultimate lifestyle speakers

JBL makes speakers for the way we all live today – whether you prefer hip-hop or soul, country and western or classical, they deliver excellent sound quality. Not only that, but their compact, lightweight designs means you can take them anywhere – most models have a wrist lanyard for true sound on the go. 

Plug and play your sounds 

These speakers couldn’t be easier to use – Bluetooth connectivity means that they can be paired with your phone or laptop in seconds, while USB charging cables and long battery life mean you’ll never be without your favourite sounds. 

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys singing along in the shower – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? – then a waterproof speaker is the perfect choice. They’re also an ideal option for pool parties, and the great deals available from Bob Shop sellers mean that you won’t have to splash too much cash to get your hands on one. 

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Just add tunes 

Once you have your JBL speaker, you’re halfway to having the housewarming or birthday party you always wanted. All you need now is some tunes to fill the dancefloor or set the mood. Bob Shop can help with that, too – shop iTunes vouchers and download all the songs you want to sing along to. It’s that easy. 

You already know that JBL speakers offer superb sound reproduction – they’re made by HARMAN, so you’d expect nothing less. They may be small, but these pocket rocket speakers pack plenty of punch – something you’ll hear the moment you switch them on. 

Defeat the silence  

To sum up, JBL Speakers offer everything you could possibly want in a portable speaker. Easy to carry, easy to connect, and with big sound that belies their small size, they let you take all your tunes with you everywhere. In the bath or on the beach, there’s a JBL speaker waiting to belt out your favourite power ballad or pump up the jam when you just have to dance. Oh, and did we mention they’re even available in a very on-trend camouflage design? Luckily, you’ll find them easy to hear, even if they’re difficult to spot! Bob Shop