Is your cell phone smart?


Before we answer the question posed in the title, let’s see what patterns we can divine from the bidorbuy Cell phones and Smartphones category.

The supply side: Yesterday, there were more than 6000 cell phones and smartphones of 22 different makes listed for sale on bidorbuy. By far the most numerous were Other Cell Phones & Smartphones (1892), followed by Nokia (1074), BlackBerry (643), Samsung (603), Motorola (473), Sony-Ericsson (415), LG (304), HTC (239), iPhone (197), Philips (63), etc.

The demand side: During the seven days ending 20 October, 465 cell phones and smartphones were sold on bidorbuy.  The best seller was BlackBerry, with 249 units sold. (And that in spite of the BlackBerry connectivity problems!) The other makes were far behind: “other” section recorded 96 sales, Apple iPhone 36, Nokia 29, Motorola 20, Samsung 17, HTC 14, Sony-Ericsson three, and HP one.

So, how many of the mobile phones traded on bidorbuy are smart?

To be perfectly honest, we don’t know. (That’s why we lump them together, in one category.) Even experts say that a smartphone is what the user (or, more likely, the manufacturer) decides is a smartphone. There are no hard and fast industry standards or definitions of a smartphone.

Of course, we all more or less know what a mobile phone must have in order to be considered smart: the ability to send and receive emails, browse the internet, and read some document formats. A full-blown smartphone is a miniature computer, complete with a keyboard. It has operating system and applications; it synchronizes wirelessly with other devices; it plays audio and even video.…

Oh, and yes, to qualify as a smartphone, a cell phone must be frustratingly difficult to use. Many consider that a big plus – for who wants a gadget that does not bring challenge into one’s life!

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