Introducing The Amazon Fire Phone


The Amazon Fire Phone is the first smart phone produced by the eCommerce giant  Amazon.
The smart phone industry is a tough one to crack though. Amazon’s other devices, the Amazon Kindle Fire and its variants have fared well. They are solid and good quality tablets for a very competitive price. How does the Amazon Fire Phone rank though, and will dynamic perspective become the new benchmark?
Fire Phone

Fire Phone’s Hardware
The phone has the sort of specs you might expect to see from a phone in this price range, so it seems like Amazon had their heads in the right place when it came to the hardware…
• 4.7” display, 720 x 1280 pixels
• Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset
• Quad-core 2.2 GHz Krait 400 CPU
• 13 MP camera

The Amazon Fire OS
The Amazon Fire Phone runs on the Amazon Fire OS v3.5 and unfortunately this is where the problems creep in. You only have access to the Amazon app shop. The range of apps is somewhat limited and you don’t have access to any Google apps, which means no Google maps, no Gmail and no YouTube. The major developers are producing apps but there is little to choose from.

The Unique Features of the Fire Phone
Amazon’s new dynamic perspective works by using the 5 front facing cameras together to recognise your head, its position and its motion, thereby allowing you to see the interface in 3D. This feature helps the Amazon Kindle Phone stand out from its competitors.

The Firefly app is an object recognition tool which allows you to scan in almost anything. This way you can easily fill your Amazon shopping basket, but that’s it. With a bit of help from some developers, Firefly can be turned into something so much more powerful and with a wide range of uses – whether this will happen remains to be seen.

The Amazon Fire Phone interface employs three panels at all times. The middle panel is where you will find the app that you are running; the left panel contains menus and the right panel contains extra settings which pertain specifically to the running app.
Additionally, the interface employs gesture control, so switching between these panels requires only the flick of a wrist.

While some of these tools are ground-breaking, there are still very few third party apps which are compatible with this interface, so at this point we can only imagine what is to come.

One of the most impressive features is the Fire phone dynamic perspective

In Conclusion
The Amazon Fire Phone is Amazon’s breakout device and there is so much riding on it. Having spent years on research and development, they have pioneered some incredible features and functions. Unfortunately, they don’t all run as smoothly as one might hope. All together, the Amazon Fire Phone is not especially intuitive and efficient. The phone needs more than dynamic perspective to push sales.

The Amazon Fire Phone’s primary best attribute is that it is an incredibly innovative piece of tech. It’s also quite possible that Amazon have entered into a field in which they are set to excel, and the future of Amazon devices may indeed be bright… Or at least brighter than the present.

The Amazon Fire Phone is a game-changing device packed with new features.