If it aint broke…


I have been thinking a lot about stagnation of late and specifically how easy it is to get stuck in your comfort zone from which you never venture too far from.

I suppose its human nature to stick to what we know and what we have tried and come to trust, much like the saying “if it aint broke then don’t fix it”

While this makes good logical sense to anyone that may read it, there too is a fine line between sticking to what we know and staying in the same pool of stagnant water that never allows fresh ideas to flow in or out.

So what’s this got to do with selling online?

When selling online it’s so important to keep your eye open for other opportunities that may be splashing about.
Although you may have already established a supplier channel and have a system that works well for you and the way that you sell on bidorbuy, there may just be more out there that could be earning you greater profits.

If you have established a method that works well for one product, why not investigate perhaps selling a different type of product, or even venturing into a whole new category altogether. There are stats available in the forum as well other reports that will assist you in finding out what you need to know about any category currently on the bidorbuy site.

Start looking at the internet as a fluid place, always moving always changing and never stopping in one place. As the internet is fluid so are its consumers.
Always changing always developing new needs, wants and desires, so shouldn’t you be doing the same in order to keep on satisfying these ever changing needs?