How to ship collectible stamps


shipping collectible stampsWe must admit that the task of having to familiarise yourself with the right shipping process can be daunting when shipping stamps, especially  collectable ones, because they can be very valuable. Bearing in mind the value of your rare find, you are likely to be extra cautious in ensuring that your package arrives at the desired destination, in the right condition and at the right time.
For stress free shipping follow our top tips on how to pack and ship your collectible stamps:



1.    You need to securely pack the stamps inside a box so that they don’t move around. Then add packaging material between the stamps, and box.
2.    Place the box with stamps in another box. Again add more packaging material between the boxes until the box with stamps is surrounded by packaging material. This will ensure that the stamps are protected from rough handling when the cargo is loaded and off-loaded during shipping.
3.    The most secure packaging material you can use is bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
4.    Then seal the box using  reinforced fibreglass paper tape. Do not use any other tape which is likely to wear off during the handling of cargo as this will expose your collectable stamps to people handling the packages.
5.    Add the receiver’s shipping address on the package and stick the proper labels on, if you got any from the post office. It is wise to refrain from labelling your package “collectibles” or “antiques” as this will draw attention to your package, thereby putting it at high risk of theft.
6.    After completing the task of packing and labelling, take your package to the post office. You will be required to fill in forms for registered mail. This information is crucial should the package get lost or damaged in transit.
7.    Last but not least, it is advisable to purchase insurance to cover the value of your package. Having your package insured will definitely put you at ease knowing that you are covered in the event that your package is lost, stolen or damaged, before it reaches its destination.  Remember to  read through and understand the terms and conditions of the insurance before committing yourself.
8.    If the stamp is very valuable, you may want to opt for a courier delivery.
We sure hope these tips will make shipping your collectable stamps a pleasant experience. Remember to revitalise your collectible stamps with our rare finds today.