How to declutter your home


Clutter is a problem we all face. The accumulation of stuff is just a normal human trait, hence the need to declutter. Every now and again we need to get rid of the clutter in order to refocus and feel in control again. You might not believe this, but living in a cluttered home can also affect your mood, making you anxious and demotivated. No one wants to feel that way when they arrive home after a long day of work. For some useful tips on how to declutter your home, read on.

Tidying up guru Marie Kondo is a decluttering expert. Her self-help book Spark Joy outlines a thorough process you should follow to organise your home. According to Marie, you should start with clothing, then tackle books, paper, miscellaneous stuff, and lastly sentimental items. Her cleaning philosophy is to go through each and every one of your belongings and ask yourself if that particular item sparks joy for you. If not, you can set it aside and either give it away to charity or throw it out.

Become a pro clothing organiser

To make organising a little more manageable, tackle your closet in groups according to different types of items, such as jeans, shirts and shoes. Items that are broken, have holes or are uncomfortable should be first to go. Once you let go of the obvious items you no longer use, be realistic. If you have not used a piece of clothing in over a year, it’s time to get rid of it. You can also apply Marie’s concept and decide whether a particular item sparks joy. She also suggests removing all your clothes from your cupboard to create a large pile on your bed. This allows you to grasp the number of clothes you own. Items that need to be repaired should be put in a separate pile so that those can be fixed before they are returned to your closet. You can use closet organisers to help keep your clothes and shoes tidy. Using baskets and containers can also help create order.

Declutter your bathroom for good

Start with all your cabinets and bathroom cupboards, then move on to your shower and bath. Look through all your medicine, toiletries and makeup. Everything that has expired needs to go. You will often find that you have several containers of the same  medication. Make sure to keep items you use most often in front and at eye level, so that you have access to the products you need. It is useful to keep baskets or storage organisers in your bathroom cupboards so that items can be stored neatly.

Linen cupboard and entry way

If you can’t seem to find anything and always land up using the same sheets or towels, it’s time to declutter. Remove everything so that you can see all the items at once. Throw out sheets and towels that have faded, are old or have holes. Use baskets and containers to separate the various items. Fold your linen and towels so that they all face upwards. This is in order to avoid using the same towel every time; it also allows you to see everything at once.

Kitchen organisers, your way to organised living

Decluttering your kitchen can be very overwhelming because there are so many cupboards and items within each cupboard. Also, there are a lot of activities happening in this space, making it hard to keep tidy. I would suggest starting from the bottom and working your way to the countertops. Tackle each cupboard or drawer at a time. Remove all the items. Start by throwing away things that don’t work or have expired. Again, use kitchen organisers to keep items neat and organised within your kitchen cupboards and drawers. Move onto your countertops and try to keep most of your items stored away. Keep necessary appliances only.

Living room zen

The key to keeping a tidy living room is to have organisers and storage space so that you can pack stuff away while still keeping it accessible. Keep TV remotes in a container.  Magazines can be stored in a magazine rack or a neat pile on your coffee table. Throw out magazines that you no longer need and only keep the most recent ones. This applies to books as well. If you have cables and charges lying around, pack them away in a convenient place.

Study or office clearance

If you have a workspace within your home, tackle papers first. Go through every document. If you want to keep it, store it in the correct place, either in a folder or a cabinet. Tear up any papers you don’t need and recycle them if possible. Go through your drawers and test all your stationery. If pens and highlighters are dried up throw them out. Desk organisers are the way to go to keep things tidy and in place.

Lastly, sentimental items. Decide if you wish to showcase these or if you would rather store them away. When it comes to photos specifically, get storage boxes particularly made for photos. You can decide if you wish to divide them according to years or events.

So there you have it, your guide to living a clutter-free life!