How to create a video


So how exactly does one go about creating a video for the bidorbuy Crazy for Cash competition? I am new to this so I set out trying to figure out all the different formats and how exactly does one go about doing it. If you want to have a crack at the R50k prize by creating your own video here are some tips to get you going:

  • Try to make your video entertaining where possible. If you are not naturally a comedian perhaps consider making a song about bidorbuy (even if it is just adapting the lyrics of an existing song).
  • The better you incorporate the bidorbuy brand the greater you will increase your chances of winning (trust me, I am one of the judges). Actually your entry does not necessarily have to be funny; you could make up for that by incorporating bidorbuy in a clever way. 
  • I have a Sony Handycam so to produce a video online I would follow these steps:
  1. Download the raw video clips from the camera on to my PC in mpg format (using the standard software that came free with my camera).
  2. You then need some video editing software to put all the pieces together. You may have received such software free with your camera however I downloaded a popular version called Ulead® VideoStudio® 11 Plus (it comes with a full 30 day free trial).
  3. The Ulead software itself is fairly intuitive and after a little playing around I pretty much had it figured out within an hour or so. There is also a getting started guide available online.
  4. I put all my individual clips together, added a bit of narration and some text overlays and in no time I had my master piece.
  5. I then exported the final clip into wmv format (this seems to be the most efficient format for the web .e.g. I got a 2 minute 25 second clip in 3.3Mb).
  6. If you want to take screen shots of a web site this can be done easily with another piece of software called Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder and Video Editor(it also comes as a full 30 day trial). You can capture your screen and then import the clip as an avi file (which in turn can be included in your master clip using Ulead).

I hope that helps. Good luck!