How to clean your porcelain doll collection



Antique_DollsStarting a porcelain doll collection is fun and easy. However, keeping the collection clean can sometimes be a problem. It is not complicated, but it is a process that will require patience and gentle handling, taking care not to erase the drawn-on features, break the doll or do anything to devalue the collectables.


Here are a few cleaning tips:


Use a spacious and flat working surface to avoid accidents.


Wash clothing: It is best to start off by washing the clothing so that it dries while you are cleaning the dolls. Check the label on the clothing. If there is no special instructions, you can wash the clothing as you wish, being careful not to tear it.


Remove Dust: To ensure that you remove all the dust from the doll, use a hair dryer. Keep the temperature cool, and use direct air to clean the doll thoroughly.


Face and Body: Porcelain is painted ceramic. Use cotton balls for the face to avoid ruining the drawn-on facial features, also use on small, hard-to-reach areas. For the entire body, use water and cloth to wipe your doll. Add a bit of dish washing liquid if required, but first test on a small spot to make sure it does remove the paint on the doll.



porcelain doll

Dry: Gently pat the doll dry with a soft towel when clean.


Hair: The hair is usually a wig that is glued on and is made from either a synthetic material or from real human hair. It is best to use a damp cloth to clean it. Do not put it in water as this will loosen the glue. Spray the hair with a hair-detangling spray,  then comb through the hair to eliminate tangles and to promote a beautiful shine on the hair.


Putting the doll together: If you had to detach some parts of the doll, paint the areas that come into contact with each other with clear nail polish and allow them to dry thoroughly before putting back together. Then carefully put the clothing back on.


Remember to clean the collection regularly to preserve its beauty and worth.