Himalayan salt lamps


Have your heard of Himalayan salt lamps? A salt lamp is basically just a beautiful chunk of pink Himalayan salt which has a hole carved inside to fit a light bulb. When switched on, these lamps bring a soothing, warm light to any room.

Some people claim that Himalayan salt lamps also have health benefits, while others say these health benefits are bogus. Let’s unpack this topic to try to come to some sort of conclusion as to whether Himalayan salt lamps really have health benefits. 

What proponents say

Those who believe in the health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps claim that the secret is in what the salt emits. Things like smartphones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices, they say, release positive ions, which may (or may not) have negative effects in the long term. This is where salt lamps are helpful; they emit negative ions which cancel out the positive ones. Just in case you are getting confused, positive ions are bad and negative ions are good. 

Being exposed to too many positive ions can have an effect on your sleeping patterns, creating irregularity. Negative ions are said to create the opposite effect and are great for people suffering from insomnia. The negative ions emitted from the salt lamp increase oxygen and ultimately improve sleeping, while the warm pink light creates a soothing effect, almost like a night light. 

What the critics say

There is a school of thought that claims that Himalayan salt lamps don’t have health benefits and can’t do all the things they claim to. Others believe that salt lamps do emit negative ions but in such small doses that the benefits, as stated above, cannot be seen or measured and consequently do not have a perceptible effect. 

The perfect way to decorate your home

In my opinion, I would buy one just because of that soothing, beautiful pink light. And if there are added health benefits, that’s a bonus! Salt lamps are great if you are looking for a decorative piece for your home and the best part is you can put them in any room you like, be it the kitchen or bathroom. Also, if you are after a more warm and pink light, purchase a warm white light bulb. If you want a sharper light, use a cool white light bulb; this will also make the actual salt of the lamp more white in colour, rather than pink. 

If you need a decorative piece, your problems are solved, now you know exactly what to buy. Choose between a small, medium or large Himalayan salt lamp to fill your space.