Helpful tips on learning to play squash
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Learn how to play squash


Are you looking for a fitness programme that is convenient for your lifestyle? Why not give squash a try?
Forbes Magazine voted squash as the healthiest sport due to its competitive nature and effective minimal workout time and space. Moreover, it is ideal for alleviating health issues such as obesity and other metabolic health issues.


Gear you will need to partake in squash:


Rubber balls
Squash sneakers
Court apparel
An opponent



Here are quick pointers on learning to play squash


Squash tactics
Outdoing your opponents will require these tactics:


1. Keeping the ball low reduces the chance of your opponent reaching it before it bounces twice.
2. The spots in the court where the ball doesn’t bounce well are the corners where the wall and floor join.
3. Changing the direction of the ball in the last instant will unbalance the opponent.


Note: changing your tactics during the game will make it difficult for your opponent to decode your tactics and predict your next move.



The following basic squash techniques will help you stay ahead in the game.


1. Practice swinging your racquet: Both forehand and backhand drives are essential to
the game.
2. When serving, make sure that your posture is correct; this includes how to grip your racquet and hitting the ball correctly.
3. Practice makes perfect, whether you’re aiming to improve your swings, shots, serves, serve returns or slowing down the pace of the game.


What are the rules of squash?


1. Keep hitting the ball against the front wall of the court until your opponent cannot get the ball back anymore.
2. Each player is required to keep one foot in the service box as he or she serves (strikes the ball with a racquet).
3. The ball must bounce between the service line and out line on the front wall and land behind the short line behind the wall.
4. The ball is only allowed to hit the floor once before the return shot; if you allow it to bounce twice, your opponent gains pars (points).
5. If the ball hits the player or before he or she strikes the ball, the player loses the rally.
6. The player who is the first to score 9 points is the winner. You have a maximum of 5 games to play before a winner is declared.


Safety and fitness


While squash is a fun sport, some precautionary measures are necessary. It is easy to sustain an injury due to rapid movements. This sport isn’t recommended for people with severe heart disorders.
Stretches and warm ups are advised ahead of playing. Additionally, protective gear and appropriate clothes should be worn.

Playing squash helps you to stay fit and to burn calories. It energises the body and helps regulate oxygen flow. Additionally, it helps with concentration and mental strength as well as hand and eye coordination.

If you enjoy squash and want to  improve your game, remember to stay focused, keep your eye on the ball, maintain a healthy lifestyle and play a clever game.