The health benefits of yoghurt


Yoghurt is a delicious decadent treat packed full of healthy bacteria which is very good for the bodies’ immune system. Together with delivering a healthy dose of protein and probiotics, yoghurt also aids in protecting the immune system from falling prey to dreadful cold and flu viruses.

Reasons why you should eat more yoghurt:

Lactose intolerance

If you have an intolerance to milk, you will be happy to know that you can eat as much yoghurt as you want. The live and active cultures in yoghurt helps digest lactose, but remember to talk to your doctor to ensure that it is safe for you.


Packed with vitamins

Yoghurt is a good source of phosphorous, potassium, riboflavin, zinc, iodine, vitamin B5 and B12. Vitamin B12 maintains red blood cells and keeps your nervous system functioning properly.

A brighter smile

Yoghurt does not cause cavities despite its sugar content and the lactic acid in yoghurt protects your gums. Eating at least a ¼ cup a day lowers your risk of acquiring severe periodontal disease than those who don’t eat it.

Recover faster after a workout

The protein and carbohydrates in yoghurt  makes an excellent post- work out snack. The protein provides the amino acids your muscles need to repair themselves and the carbohydrates replace your muscles’ energy stores, which are depleted after a hard workout.

Prevent high blood pressure

The potassium in yoghurt helps flush excess sodium out of your body. Two or more servings a day help prevent high blood pressure.