Hair types and treatments



Finding the right products for your hair can be difficult if you don’t know what the best product for your hair type is. Most people struggle to get their hair tamed.


Hair is categorised by three characteristics: porosity, elasticity and texture. Once you figure out where your hair falls, you’ll be able to get the right products to make it look its best.


Best for fine and healthy:

What your hair lacks in volume it definitely makes up in being healthy. Avoid the products that are heavy on your hair and focus more on products that add volume to your hair.


Best for fine and damaged:

Fullness might be a challenge, but the damaged parts of your hair make it even harder to tame. Find repairing products that don’t make your hair go limp. By boosting the volume and moisture you’ll restore your hair’s lustre.


Best for medium and healthy:

You are the lucky ones among us. For you, no ingredients are off limits and any hair type product will work.


Best for medium and damaged:

Your hair is thick enough to work with any hairstyle, but not too thick to make it unmanageable. Over-styling your hair causes split ends, fizz and dullness. Use protein based products to strengthen your hair and prevent breakage.


Best for thick and healthy:

The strands are wide in diameter, which makes your hair sexy and gives it more volume, but also coarser, fizzier and less shiny than thinner hair. Condition! Condition! Condition! Hydrated thick hair is easier to style.


Best for thick and damaged:

Your hair is already hard to control and lots of styling and dyeing makes it even harder to manage. Make use of mega moisturisers and fizz fighters. Try to stay away from heat tools, because they may cause further damage.