Grow your ecommerce


ecommerceTake a look at our infographic entitled Grow Your Business with bidorbuy and uAfrica. (To make things easier for you, the link will open in a new tab, so that you can switch between this blog post and the infographic at will.)

Now that you’ve glanced at the infographic, you are probably impatient to find out more. What is it all about, and why is bidorbuy pushing you into the embrace of uAfrica and Shopify?

It’s quite simple. Recently, bidorbuy invested into uAfrica (you can now call it our partner site), because uAfrica came up with a brilliant idea to offer local online businesses (big or small, new or established) Shopify, an affordable and simple-to-use shopfront solution capable of seamlessly synchronising with (you’ve guessed it) bidorbuy.

Let’s now get to the all-important question: how does this benefit you?

The short answer is: hugely, and a somewhat longer one is:

  • You get a ready-made, easy to use, very functional, extremely good-looking, highly customisable ecommerce website with your own domain name that you pay in Rands, at an affordable rate. The Starter Shopify store (catering for up to 100 products) will cost you R149 per month, and there are no transaction fees.
  • For an additional fee of R10* per month, you get multichannel management facility. Your Basic Shopify store becomes bidorbuy-synced.  Without going into details, suffice it to say that all edits you make in the uAfrica back-end reflect in real time both on your own website; all orders customers make on bidorbuy reflect on your website (and vice versa) in real time.
    *Introductory price valid until December 2014.

The advantages of having your Shopify store through uAfrica do not stop there. uAfrica is currently developing a robust and reliable shipping side of the online trading process; plus, their point-of-sale integrations is ready to be implemented, connecting the online and off-line shopping in one holistic experience.

And what about the South African online traders who already have a Shopify store, obtained directly from the Canadian software maker?
Not to worry. They can continue their existing subscription and add to it the uAfrica’s  multichannel plug-in, thus getting access to millions of potential customers on Africa’s largest online marketplace, bidorbuy.

Go to uAfrica to set up your own Shopify ecommerce website and opt for the multichannel option in order to automatically connect it to

If you have any questions or need help, please contact our customer support at or 0861 88 0861.