How to take good product images


action figureOne of the most important things you as a seller on bidorbuy can do in order to insure the success of your business is to provide good images.

Good images are certain to attract more interest among the visitors. A rule of the thumb is to have at least three images taken from different angles. After all, people are more likely to place a bid or make an order if they can see several good pictures of the product they will be buying. Sometime in future, bidorbuy may make posting several images from different angles a requirement, so start practicing now and don’t make us say: we told you so.

Here are some basic tips on how to take good images of tips

  • Use a tripod to keep the camera steady, to avoid the blurry effect, and to maintain the same distance from the product that you are photographing.
  • For the background, make your own infinity curve out of a sheet of white, non-shiny paper and place the product on it. Mark the product’s exact position, so that the general look and feel are maintained when you move the product around to get a different angle.
  • Use at least two light sources to avoid harsh shadows. Place one lamp on the left and one on the and right sides of your product, at about 60 degrees angle, aiming for soft, diffused light. If necessary, put a sheet of printer paper in front of each lamp, holding it in place with clothes pegs (however, be careful not to let the paper touch the lamp). When photographing a shiny or reflective product, photography tipsyou may want to fashion a rudimentary light box and point the light of two lamps away from the product, letting it bounce off the sides of the box.
  • Take care to get the correct perspective and maintain symmetry. The general rule is that the lens should be at the height of middle of the object and that the straight lines should be – well, straight.
  • Give the visitors a sense of scale by including in the image an item that people are familiar with. If the product is a miniature car, place a standard pencil next to it.
  • Leave some space around the product so that the white background is visible on all sides.
  • Touch-up your images in the photo editing software of your choice, but remember: while you want to present your item from the best possible angle and in the best possible light, you also want to present it truthfully. So, do not re-touch the image in order to hide the product’s deficiencies.
  • To protect your picture from being stolen, you may create a watermark, taking care not to obscure the product.

Try applying these tips and let us know how they are working for you!