Gifts for 10 personality types


Christmas gifting guideChristmas time is mostly about kids, and that is as it should be.

However, that does not mean that you should forget the adults in your life.

We have scoured the site to bring you these gifting suggestions, tailor-made for ten common personality types and / or human behaviour patterns.

  1. Adventurers will appreciate a gift of binoculars, so they can see what’s coming their way. A compact unit with 10 or 30 times magnification will look good and won’t cost too much (under R300).
  2. Artistic souls will embrace the gift of an antique picture frame. Small wooden or metal frames bear the price tag of under R100, while the more ornate ones go for over R1000.
  3. Couch potatoes may at first raise their eyebrows, but do not hesitate to press Just Dance 2015 video game upon then. They all secretly want is an excuse to dance, but are too shy to admit it. Pricing starts from about R450.
  4. Digital dudes and dudettes will swoon over a high capacity flash drive. So much the better if it’s shaped as a Lego figurine, bullet, or something equally interesting. Aim for 16GB to 64GB and be prepared to pay between R80 and R650 (note: pricing is not necessarily capacity-dependant).
  5. Drama queens deserve to get some hair extensions. They’ll know what to do with it. As for you, be prepared to part with between R200 and R5000.
  6. Fashionistas will be grateful for brand-name sunglasses. Prices vary widely, but a nice-brand pair can be had for under R1000.
  7. Fitness fanatics’ hearts will race when you give them the gift of a fitness and heart rate monitor. (Have a glass of water on the ready.) It can set you back R200… or R8,000. The choice is yours.
  8. Practical types are easy to please; any decent kitchen appliance will do. Choose staples like a knife sharpener or sandwich maker for conventional varieties of the genus; more quirky individuals may prefer a sushi roller or a pasta making device. As for pricing – there is literally something for every pocket, in the range of about R100 to over R10,000.
  9. Senior citizens might be intimidated by computers, but they take to tablets like fish to water. So, don’t be mean and buy your aging family member one. It can be an under-R1000 Android no-brand tablet, or about R13,000 Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPad.
  10. As for people who have everything… go to the bidorbuy Charity section and get for them one of the items listed there. For example, a set of Africa cards hand-made by the members of Masiye Phambili Project, or hand-printed linen placemats made by women’s co-operatives supported by Seeds of Africa. Or give a donation in someone’s name.

Can’t quite match the personality type you have in mind with our extensive list? Turn to bidorbuy Gifting Guide for more ideas!