Get the best out of your instant camera


Instant cameras are the perfect way to instantly catch a moment and turn it into an image beautifully framed all around with four white panels. The charm of an instant camera lies in the pureness of a shot and the fact that you don’t have a second chance to retake the image or the ability to delete the photo. It is instant and it is perfect.

Familiarise yourself with your instant camera

Play around with the buttons on your instant camera to familiarise yourself with the settings and features. If you have the latest Polaroid or another brand instant camera, you will have setup guidelines and an instruction manual included in the box. Give it a squizz to get more comfortable with your camera. If your camera is second-hand and you picked it up at a vintage or second-hand store, then you will need to experiment in order to learn how your camera works. 

No zooming allowed here 

Instant cameras don’t have the ability to zoom in or out. This means your viewfinder will be your best friend in most cases, allowing you to see  how your photo will be cropped. If you would like to zoom in, stand a little closer to the subject; if you would prefer to zoom out, stand a few steps back. Some often forget that you can take both landscape and portrait photos with instant camera, so feel free to experiment.  

Light is everything 

Light can make or break your picture-perfect image. Most instant cameras have a dial above the lense with a few settings, allowing you to choose the best one for the space in which the photo is being taken. Normally, there are four settings: very sunny, sunny, cloudy and indoors. Depending on where you are shooting, select the appropriate light setting. If your instant camera does not have light settings, then you will need to experiment until you have figured out which light is best for optimal photos. 

Use different styles of film 

Take advantage of the enormous range of film available for instant cameras; you can find films with different themes, colours, and styles. You can even match an event to a particular style of film, for example a birthday party. Let your creative juices flow to get the most out of your camera. 

Now that you know all the ins and outs of your instant camera, be sure to use these tips to get the most out of it, but most importantly… have fun!