Gears of War: Judgement


The Gears of War is a third-person shooter video game trilogy that concerns the fate of warring races on the mythical planet Sera. The player controls human forces that are desperately fighting against the overwhelming might of the Locust; alien subterranean creatures of great size and mighty strength.

The on-going war has destroyed the social structures and left the planet in ruins. The game is notable for its devastated landscapes, as well as for its stark, unadulterated violence.

Immensely popular, the series has spawned books and comics, and there are talks of a film in production. The original three games charted mankind’s last-ditch attempts to defeat their unstoppable enemies. Now the latest iteration of the series Gears of War: Judgement has arrived, and it acts as a prequel to the original series.

The story and gameplay take place in flashback scenes as told by Lieutenant Damon Bird, during a tribunal hearing investigating his unauthorised use of a devastating weapon while on campaign. The game is receiving excellent reviews and fans can look forward to more Gears of War action.

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Gears of War Judgement